Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assorted Bun B Guest Spots

I noticed that I've been neglecting Bun lately, which is weird, given his guest appearance grind. So here's a few obscure tracks that he jumped on. Most of 'em are coming from the mid '90s.

Born M.F. 2wice f/ Bun B - "7 Executioners"
from U Have the Right 2 Remain Violent (Bigga, 1994)

Not much too say about here, as noz from Cocaine Blunts already has a pretty good write-up on Born 2wice, and also touched on this track. The version of "7 Executioners" he posted cut off towards the end though; this is the full version.

PxMxWx f/ Bun B - "Bag of Indo"
from High Life (Cash Money, 1994)

PxMxWx—which stands for "Project's Most Wanted"—is a trio outta the Iberville projects of New Orleans, LA. Made up of Big Heavy, Big Man, and Black Jack-O, PxMxWx was one of the first acts to be signed to a very young Cash Money Records. They released two albums during their time at the label: Legalize: Pass Tha Weed in 1993 and High Life in 1994. Their debut was the very first album that Mannie Fresh worked on after he became Cash Money's in-house producer. "Bag of Indo" from High Life featured a verse from Bun, and like later Cash Money releases, Bun was the only artist not signed to the label to show up for a guest verse.

Kilo G f/ Bun B - "Life Has No Meaning"
from The Bloody City (Cash Money, 1995)

Like PxMxWx, Kilo G was another very early Cash Money signee. In fact, his debut album The Sleepwalker from 1992 was the first release from the label. The album was horrorcore in every since of the word, which is something that you might not have expected if you're only familiar with late '90s/early '00s Cash Money. His second album The Bloody City was his first to feature Mannie Fresh production, and also featured guest verses from UGK. Bun continued his tradition of appearing on Cash Money tracks with "Life Has No Meaning" and Pimp also showed up, rapping on "Release Me."

MC Thick f/ Bun B - "Heavy Weights"
from Now Whatcha Think (Boss, 1996)

…and speaking of dudes from Louisiana! I'm not too up on this MC Thick dude, but I do know that he's a rapper out of Marrero, LA who was putting out music as early as 1991—mostly in the form of cassette tapes and 12" vinyl singles. He released his debut The Show Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Man Swings in 1993 through Big Beat Records. "Heavy Weights," his duet with Bun, came from his 1996 sophomore (?) album Now Whatcha Think. Sadly, he was gunned down later that very same year. R.I.P.

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