Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assorted Bun B Guest Spots

I noticed that I've been neglecting Bun lately, which is weird, given his guest appearance grind. So here's a few obscure tracks that he jumped on. Most of 'em are coming from the mid '90s.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guest Spots: "Finger Fuckin'"

Wow, it's been a minute… sorry about the lack of content recently, but you know how real life can be. But you don't wanna hear about that shit—you want some of that UGK goodness. So let's get to it.

Lil' Boosie & Webbie f/ Pimp C - "Finger Fuckin'"
from Ghetto Stories (Trill, 2003)

The Boss Pimps f/ UGK - "Diamonds On"
from Pimpin' Off Top (Boss Play, 2004)

"Finger Fuckin'" and "Diamonds On" are two different versions of a track called "Fuckin' Wit' My Diamondz On" that was supposed to be on a Pimp C solo double disc album from the late '90s; it never materialized however, possibly due to some label related bullshit or his later incarceration. Since it was never released, most of the information about the album comes from this handwritten tracklist.

Thankfully, a lot of those tracks did see release in some form: "Livin' This Life," "Heaven," and "Shattered Dreams" were of course on UGK's self-titled double disc; "Hairy Hole" is probably "Harry Asshole" on 4 Life; "Fallin' in Love Again" was given to Sleepy Brown for his record The Vinyl Room; and "Play Hard" ended up appearing on Ghetto Stories by Lil' Boosie and Webbie.

Unlike the other tracks from Pimp's unreleased solo album, "Fuckin' Wit' My Diamondz On" has appeared at least twice on two different albums. It was first given to Lil' Boosie and Webbie for their aforementioned 2003 album Ghetto Stories. Simply titled "Finger Fuckin'," this version of the track is probably a little bit more well known, if only because the album that it appears on is more well known. The second—and much lesser known—version of the track, "Diamonds On" showed up a year later on Pimpin' Off Top, the debut album by Pimpin' Ken's rap group The Boss Pimps. The only thing that I know about those dudes is the fact that Pimpin' Ken is the group's front man. [The homie B B S from the Word of South forums tells me that the Pimpin' Ken version of the track was indeed the original version; Boosie and Webbie used the track without permission, and Ken sued them for it. Big props to him for that tidbit, as I definitely didn't know that.]

The big difference between the two versions, besides the dudes rappin' on them (Steve Below's beat stays the same thankfully—I don't think it'd be the same without that slinky griminess), is that Bun B shows up for a little outro at the tail-end of "Diamonds On." I think that's a nice little touch that ties the whole track together, though it's too bad that he didn't drop a full sixteen.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Guest Spots: "My Bitch"

MDDL FNGZ f/ UGK - "My Bitch"
from Trouble (Perfecto, 2000)

While this track might not be particularly obscure, as it's been a staple track of a lot of UGK bootlegs, I thought I would talk about it, since I already posted one Ridin' Dirty leftover, and this one was also recorded during the sessions for that album. It was even slated to be on the album, originally.

At the time, the track was titled "Black Horse (My Bitch)," probably because of the flipped "White Horse" sample. I have no idea if the MDDL FNGZ (Bun B's side group) appeared on this version of the track, but the lengths on this version and the one off of Trouble are the same (5:53), so it seems likely. Either that, or the song had more verses from Bun and Pimp originally, and they were cut to make room for verses by the MDDL FNGZ.

Here's a shot of the original back cover of Ridin' Dirty that shows off the album's original track list, with "Black Horse (My Bitch)" as track five. Judging by that list, it looks like the track took the place of—or was replaced by—"You Don't Know Me" before both tracks were ultimately left off the record.

The track did finally find official release on the MDDL FNGZ album Trouble about four years later; however, that album didn't get very much distribution, so it's hard to get a hold of. Also, since this was around the time of all of those Dirty Money bootlegs and fake advance CDs, I think the track probably showed up on quite a few of those as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rarities: "You Don't Know Me"

UGK - "You Don't Know Me"
from Ridin' Dirty cassette tape (Jive, 1996)

This track is a bit rare, as it was only available on some early pressings of the cassette and vinyl versions of Ridin' Dirty. I'm kind of sketchy about it's place on the track list, but I think it was sandwiched in between "Pinky Ring" and "Diamonds & Wood."

I remember reading about this track a couple years ago from a post on Cocaine Blunts, but I didn't actually have a chance to hear it (dead links are a bitch) until I found it kicking around on SoulSeek. It's a great track, and a great compliment to an already great album—if that's even possible. However, it is the clean track, but I'm not sure why—issues with the sample? I don't think an explicit version was ever released either, not even a low quality leak. Still, it's a gem, and it's shame that it's not more well known.