Monday, August 31, 2009

Guest Spots: "Grippin' Grain"

Ace Deuce f/ UGK - "Grippin' Graine"
from Southern Gutta Butta (BackWoodz, 2000)

Ace Deuce f/ UGK - "Grippin' Grain"
from Raw & Uncut (BackWoodz, 2001)

Here goes another track that has a later variation. Ace Deuce has been an underground staple in Houston, and has done collabs with almost everybody in the Texas rap scene: from Chamillionaire, to Big Pokey, to H.A.W.K., and of course, UGK. "Grippin' Graine" (note the superflous "e") first showed up on Ace Deuce's 2000 album, Southern Gutta Butta. The beat is a bit fast-paced, at least faster than a lot of Texas shit, but I still like it.

The track would show up again a year later, on the 2001 album Raw & Uncut, but with a different beat. I think I might actually like the beat on this second version better; it's slower and bit more pimped out, which I think better suits UGK's verses. And finally, the track showed up yet again two years later, on Street Muzic. This time though, there's no discernible changes/differences from the second version.

You'll also find a semi-related (in name only) bonus cut after the jump.


Bone Crusher f/ Bun B, Lil' Flip - "Grippin' Da Grain (Remix)"
from Forever Grippin' Da Grain CD single (SoSo Def, 2003)

I'm not a big fan of Bone Crusher—he gives me a headache—but it has a Bun B feature on it, so I'm obligated to post it. I've seen this track named "Forever Grippin' Da Grain" too, so I'm not sure of the correct title. "Grippin' Da Grain" is the title of the O.G. version on Crusher's 2003 album AttenCHUN!, so we'll go with that. I've also read that it's supposed to have a La' Chat verse too, but this one is missing her, so I dunno what's up with that. Also, this is the clean version, but it doesn't really affect Bun's verse at all; Flip's is all chopped up though.

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