Friday, August 14, 2009

Introductions & Things of That Nature

DJ DMD f/ Pimp C - "Candy (The "Introducing Percy Mack" Mix)"
from Eleven (Inner Soul, 1997)

I'll save you all the long introduction, since I'm sure you'll be here for the music, rather than listening to me talk about myself. I'm Percy Mack, and this is The Trill Connection.

The main focus of this blog is to try to catalog the 20+ year long discography of UGK, especially their guest verses on other people's albums. If you don't already know about the Underground Kingz, you need a late pass. And a copy of Ridin' Dirty.

Anyway, Bun B and Pimp C rhymed on a lot of records and a lot of them are out of print by now. But with the help of modern technology (read: Rapidshare, SoulSeek, eBay, etc.) these tracks can be pretty easily liberated and be made available once again. So I'll be posting them here with some relevant info for your listening/learning pleasure.

I'll mostly be sticking with the rare and the obscure here—so that means I won't be posting any of UGK's studio albums or solo projects. If you want them, you should go out and be supportive and buy that shit.

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bsidewinzagain said...

This is a great thing you r doing. Love what I'm reading so far. @nickrosenberg

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