Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too $hort and Pimp C Collabos

(from left to right: Pimp C, producer Mike Dean, and Too $hort)

Nothing too obscure today, but I still feel like sharing. So I'm gonna hit y'all with some tracks with Too $hort and Pimp C exchanging verses. I've always had a soft spot for $hort Dawg, and when you add Pimp (or Bun) to the mix, you know some great music was gonna result. I even remember reading somewhere that they—$hort and Pimp—were thinking of doing an album together, before Pimp's untimely passing. Damn, what I wouldn't give to hear that.

LeVitti, Pimp C, Too $hort - "Playaz Life"
from Most Valuable Playaz (Certified, 2000)

This is a joint that originally appeared in 2000 as "Jus' a Playa" on the soundtrack to Obstacles—a movie starring E-40, D-Shot, and Brian Hooks. It would later show up as "Playaz Life" on a compilation put together by Sam Bostic and DJ Fingaz called Most Valuable Playaz. Bostic produced the track, and in my opinion, it is definitely the stand-out on that particular comp. This LeVitti dude is on hook/chorus duty.

Too $hort: "N*gga won't listen to me? I doubt it
But if I tell the crowd say it loud, they gon' shout it
If I put my tape on the shelf, you gon' buy it
And if I tell a bitch to turn a trick, she gon' try it."

Pimp C: "Comin' down on 'em in a candy toy
Livin' like a baller, like that n*gga Lil' Troy
Breakin' these bitches ain't shit to us
And bitch, we make a lot of money, but it's never enough."

Too $hort & Pimp C - "All About It"
from Nationwide: Independence Day: The Compilation (Jive, 1998)

This track actually made it's way onto that UGK collection of b-sides and guest spots called Side Hustles, but it originally came from a double disc comp that Too $hort put out in 1998. It's a fairly chill track, perfect for the two of them to spit some game.

Too $hort: "Still got the old flows
Book me in your town and there never be a no-show
I kick it down south, where they're keepin' it crunk
Cause the n*ggas down south got their own funk."

Pimp C: "Bitch, it's all about the endo, weed, and stackin' money
This land of milk and honey, ain't a damn thing funny
Let's put this shit together: Too $hort and Pimp C
Put n*ggas on the map, from Oakland to P-A-T."

Too $hort & UGK - "It's Alright"
from Dangerous Ground soundtrack (Jive, 1998)

Finally, this track was originally on the soundtrack to Dangerous Ground, which is some flick starring Ice Cube that I've never watched. I dunno why, but a lot of these UGK related records ended up on no-name movie soundtracks; look at what happened to "Belts to Match" man! What a travesty. Anyway, this is another smooth joint, but it's always been a personal favorite of mine.

Too $hort: "I'm always on the chase, lipstick on my face
When I get home, you gotta get on my case
Cause I been fuckin' up, comin' home smellin' like her
I can't fuck enough(?)
Call your mama, tell her how it hurts
Tell her I'm a dog, but don't say that's all
I came in first place last year at the Player's Ball."

Pimp C: "You talkin' wedding ring, I'm tryin' to whip a Benz
Flippin' the club, with pimps like Too $hort, freaky new lady friends
Talkin' about ya sister saw me with a brand new bitch at the club
Comin' at me with high school shit, bitch, you must be in love."

Bun B: "And I can't handle bullshit that's unnecessary
You couldn't handle being with a "G", I guess it's scary
Yes, the very thing that put us together separated us
Player hated us, and things will never be the way it was
I hate to say it cause
But find another shoulder to cry on
Stop gettin' your lie on, baby
It's all right."

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