Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guest Spots: "Get the Green Boy"

Starvin' Artists f/ Pimp C - "Get the Green Boy (O.G. Mix)"
from The Lost Tracks bootleg (N/A, 2001?)

Young Muhammad f/ Magno, Pimp C, Thira - "Greenboy (Swishahouse Mix)"
from Get the Green Boy... By All Means Boy! (Starvin', 2004)

I guess we'll start things off with something pretty obscure. This joint has shown up on a couple of UGK bootlegs—The Lost Tracks comes to mind—except under the name "Trill B-Boy." I'm not sure who produced it, but some dude named Big Rod gets a shout out during the intro, so it's a safe bet that it's his production.

According to some of the write-ups on CDBaby, the Starvin' Artists are a stable of rappers out of Dallas, TX that includes some dudes named Young Muhammad and Dirty Red. I have no idea what album this track is from though, as Google is coming up empty, but I'm assuming it's from a Starvin' Artists comp, back from around 2001-ish.

This track is a bit interesting, since it has at least two other different versions. One, a Swishahouse mix, shows up on Young Muhammad's 2004 album Get the Green Boy… By All Means Boy! and some Swishahouse affiliates (Magno and Thira) show up, hence the name. The second version surfaced a year later, on Dirty Red's 2005 album Gift of Gab. This version has a much less organic feel, and is a little more clubby. Unfortunately, I don't have that version on me, so I can't share it—you can peep a preview of it at the CDBaby page for the album though. Red also has a Bun B feature on that album too, which means I really should try and get a hold of it some time soon.

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scjoha said...

I'm pretty sure I heard the Pimp verse from "Get the Green Boy" somewhere else. Not on the various incarnations of "Get the Green boy" but on a whole another, probably older song. Somebody has an idea?

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