Monday, August 31, 2009

Guest Spots: "Grippin' Grain"

Ace Deuce f/ UGK - "Grippin' Graine"
from Southern Gutta Butta (BackWoodz, 2000)

Ace Deuce f/ UGK - "Grippin' Grain"
from Raw & Uncut (BackWoodz, 2001)

Here goes another track that has a later variation. Ace Deuce has been an underground staple in Houston, and has done collabs with almost everybody in the Texas rap scene: from Chamillionaire, to Big Pokey, to H.A.W.K., and of course, UGK. "Grippin' Graine" (note the superflous "e") first showed up on Ace Deuce's 2000 album, Southern Gutta Butta. The beat is a bit fast-paced, at least faster than a lot of Texas shit, but I still like it.

The track would show up again a year later, on the 2001 album Raw & Uncut, but with a different beat. I think I might actually like the beat on this second version better; it's slower and bit more pimped out, which I think better suits UGK's verses. And finally, the track showed up yet again two years later, on Street Muzic. This time though, there's no discernible changes/differences from the second version.

You'll also find a semi-related (in name only) bonus cut after the jump.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Unreleased: "The Southern Sound"

UGK - "The Southern Sound"
technically from 4 Life, otherwise unreleased (N/A, 1995/96?)

"The Southern Sound" was used to create the "7th St." and "Texas Ave." interludes that are on 4 Life. It was making the rounds through the blogs a while back (I originally copped it off of BLVD ST.), but I figured I might as well post it. It's unreleased UGK, after all.

This track contains the original sample that was removed/changed for the album, as well as a completely different Bun B verse. If I had to guess, I would say that this is an unfinished song that was chopped up into those interludes and tweaked slightly for the album, but I can't be sure. Shit is still tight, regardless.

[UPDATE: Apparently, this track was recorded during the Ridin' Dirty sessions, so it could be grouped together with all the other leftovers from that album: "My Bitch," "You Don't Know Me," "Family Affair," and "Hiside."]

Guest Spots: "Pimp Walk"

Big Blac f/ Pimp C - "Pimp Walk"
from Pimp Walk promotional 12" single (Tony Mercedes, 2000)

One more post today, and this one is pretty obscure and rare. Big Blac released an album in 1995 called Strikkly 4 Da O.G. Hustlers through Nationwide Records. Google fails me at the moment, so I dunno how active she's been since. "Pimp Walk" looks like a promotional single for her sophomore (?) album, but I can't find any mention of it anywhere, much less a title, so it looks like it got shelved and the 12" seems to be the only evidence of it. Still, it has a Pimp C guest feature, and that's all that counts.

Apologies in advance, but I don't have access to the 12" myself (and even if I did, I lack the right equipment to rip it… one day, maybe) so all I have is this fairly low quality 128 kBit/s rip. Still, shouts to the homie Methlab on SoulSeek; he's the dude I got this from.

Too $hort and Pimp C Collabos

(from left to right: Pimp C, producer Mike Dean, and Too $hort)

Nothing too obscure today, but I still feel like sharing. So I'm gonna hit y'all with some tracks with Too $hort and Pimp C exchanging verses. I've always had a soft spot for $hort Dawg, and when you add Pimp (or Bun) to the mix, you know some great music was gonna result. I even remember reading somewhere that they—$hort and Pimp—were thinking of doing an album together, before Pimp's untimely passing. Damn, what I wouldn't give to hear that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guest Spots: "Get the Green Boy" Part II

Dirty Red f/ Pimp C, Six-Two - "Get the Green Boy"
Dirty Red f/ Bun B, Shogun, Young Muhammad - "Real Live Soldiers"
from Gift of Gab (Mob Muzic, 2005)

I finally got a hold of Dirty Red's album, courtesy of Deadly Grounds, so here are those Bun and Pimp guest spots. Qdawg has a good write-up on the album too (and on other obscure 3rd coast shit), so check it out.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guest Spots: "Get the Green Boy"

Starvin' Artists f/ Pimp C - "Get the Green Boy (O.G. Mix)"
from The Lost Tracks bootleg (N/A, 2001?)

Young Muhammad f/ Magno, Pimp C, Thira - "Greenboy (Swishahouse Mix)"
from Get the Green Boy... By All Means Boy! (Starvin', 2004)

I guess we'll start things off with something pretty obscure. This joint has shown up on a couple of UGK bootlegs—The Lost Tracks comes to mind—except under the name "Trill B-Boy." I'm not sure who produced it, but some dude named Big Rod gets a shout out during the intro, so it's a safe bet that it's his production.

According to some of the write-ups on CDBaby, the Starvin' Artists are a stable of rappers out of Dallas, TX that includes some dudes named Young Muhammad and Dirty Red. I have no idea what album this track is from though, as Google is coming up empty, but I'm assuming it's from a Starvin' Artists comp, back from around 2001-ish.

This track is a bit interesting, since it has at least two other different versions. One, a Swishahouse mix, shows up on Young Muhammad's 2004 album Get the Green Boy… By All Means Boy! and some Swishahouse affiliates (Magno and Thira) show up, hence the name. The second version surfaced a year later, on Dirty Red's 2005 album Gift of Gab. This version has a much less organic feel, and is a little more clubby. Unfortunately, I don't have that version on me, so I can't share it—you can peep a preview of it at the CDBaby page for the album though. Red also has a Bun B feature on that album too, which means I really should try and get a hold of it some time soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Introductions & Things of That Nature

DJ DMD f/ Pimp C - "Candy (The "Introducing Percy Mack" Mix)"
from Eleven (Inner Soul, 1997)

I'll save you all the long introduction, since I'm sure you'll be here for the music, rather than listening to me talk about myself. I'm Percy Mack, and this is The Trill Connection.

The main focus of this blog is to try to catalog the 20+ year long discography of UGK, especially their guest verses on other people's albums. If you don't already know about the Underground Kingz, you need a late pass. And a copy of Ridin' Dirty.

Anyway, Bun B and Pimp C rhymed on a lot of records and a lot of them are out of print by now. But with the help of modern technology (read: Rapidshare, SoulSeek, eBay, etc.) these tracks can be pretty easily liberated and be made available once again. So I'll be posting them here with some relevant info for your listening/learning pleasure.

I'll mostly be sticking with the rare and the obscure here—so that means I won't be posting any of UGK's studio albums or solo projects. If you want them, you should go out and be supportive and buy that shit.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coming Soon...

"The home of obscure and rare UGK features and tracks."